Sentry Mini Stereo Headphones Review

When I travel with British Airways to England each year, they provide free headphones for our viewing entertainment. However, domestic flights in America offer you a show, but you have to purchase headphones from them.
I remembered that I had bought a set of Sentry Mini Stereo Headphones a few months ago in the Dollar Tree Store. So on our recent trip to Boston, I made sure that they were in my carry on luggage.

As soon as we were seated, the individual television screens came on. I got out my headphones and plugged them in. I could hear correctly and thought what a great purchase.

The headphones are narrow and have adjustable settings to fit on your head. They adjust approximately one inch on each side. You can see the metal when they are fully extended, and the metal pushes down into the plastic when they are at their smallest/shortest length.

They have Sentry on the outside of both ear pads, L on the left, and R on the right one. They have soft foam ear pads to cover the plastic and metal area, that would be against your ears. However, 30 minutes into watching and listening to my television screen, I noticed pieces of black on my green tee shirt. I had no idea what it was.

We had soft drinks and snacks come around the plane, and when I had finished mine, I saw lumps of black foam. I realized that it was the foam from my headphones. How embarrassing is that? I took them off my ears and pulled the remaining foam off of both of them. I brushed the remaining pieces of foam off my clothes and felt better.

I did use them for the rest of my flight, as it was reasonably short, but without the foam, they didn’t feel comfortable. This was such a shame because they gave me good sound quality.

On the back of the packaging, it states that Sentry has given “Over 30 years of excellence in electronics.” They do have a limited one year warranty. However, by the time I sent them back to Sentry and paid the postage, it just wouldn’t be worth my while. Also, the Dollar Store never gives complete details on their receipts.

This is a shame because I did like that they were lightweight and small. They also came with a more gigantic 6.3 adapter too.