Sennheiser Headphones

It is now possible to listen to your favorite music while doing your household chores with the many types and brands of headphones found in the stereo market today. Sennheiser headphones are the best choice in headphones where you have the freedom to do what you want while listening to quality music.

Best DJ Headphones

The Sennheiser range of headphones includes DJ headphones, wired headphones, evolution headphones, wireless headphones, streetwear headphones and even headphone accessories for you to choose and use.

The DJ or studio headphones from Sennheiser offer many styles for you to choose from. Amateurs in the recording studio should use the custom HD 25 SP as it is the best choice for the amateur recordings. Moreover, these Sennheiser headphones can also be used outside. The slightly more experienced person in recording should opt for the HD 200 Master which is perfect for DJ monitoring and can be worn comfortably for extended stretches of time. In the range of Sennheiser headphones, the HMD 281 Pros is considered to be the king of headphones which is used by pros. You can find an impeccable quality difference in these headphones.

85 wireless SennheiserSennheiser headphones also offer the wireless range of headphones that provide you with your required freedom. With a wireless headphone, there is no need of you being tied to a particular spot with a cord. You can use the wireless Sennheiser headphones to listen to your favorite music while hanging out your clothes.

In this range of headphones, the RS 45 wireless Sennheiser headphone offers great mobility, while providing auto-tuning features which are applicable at a single touch. These headphones offer you a range of 100m of quality music. The RS 85 wireless Sennheiser headphones have transmitter adjustments available at the push of a button to let you listen to the quality sound.

With wireless Sennheiser headphones, you find that television interface becomes a thing of the past. With the RS140 wireless headphone from Sennheiser, you conclude that it is possible to balance the volume from one ear to the other while maintaining sound in the headphones. With this, other people will not be able to hear whatever you listen to. These headphones are compatible with most televisions and hi-fi systems.

The IS 280 wireless headphones from Sennheiser come with an infrared transmitter with the best sound you can expect from a wireless headphone. This headphone can be used with most CD players, hi-fi system, television, and MD or DAT recorders. Then you have hi-fi wired headphones in Sennheiser range of headphones.

The HD 201 model here is best for people on a budget but want quality listening pleasure. The ear pads here have the leather feel to them and provides excellent sound. They are also light in weight, and comfortable to wear.