Why is Dell Inspiron 7577 the Best Value Laptop this Year?

Gaming laptops are by definition, costly. That’s why budget gaming laptops are so awesome. They compromise here and there, of course, but their function is to provide a good gaming platform while still being affordable to gamers (that is, not above the $1000 threshold). The Dell Inspiron 7577 Gaming Laptop is an excellent example. It’s not perfect, but then, it isn’t meant to be.


The starting price is just $900, featuring a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 Max-Q graphics card, an Intel Core i5-7300HQ processor, 8GB of RAM and a memory of 128GB SSD with an additional 1TB HDD.


The best model has an upgraded processor, an Intel Core i7-7700HQ and an increased storage of up to 512GB SSD, costing a significantly hiked $1600. The lower-end model is satisfactory enough, however, though Dell did have to cut down on some features to make it so affordable. But did it cut down on too much? Let us have a look.

Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming

The Look

The external look and feel of the laptop is pretty much the same as the previous model, the Dell Inspiron 7567, with the sharp edges and red backlights on the keyboard which characterize this series. It’s more understated than the usual trend, but classy enough that it looks like a gaming laptop.


However, overall, it is a bit too bulky and could have been at least a bit smaller and lighter. The other 15-inch laptops I have used in the past would at least fit into a bag designed for the size, but this was too big for such a bag.


Most laptops get slimmer and lighter over time, and the specialty of the technology and reason for the high cost is usually how compact you can make a laptop with the best features. The Dell Inspiron 7577 Featured for the best gaming laptops under 1500$, unfortunately, didn’t live up to my expectations, at least in the “looks” department. In fact, a few models back, it was lighter and less bulky and had an overall better feel.


Verdict – It’s definitely one of the big scorers in the looks department.


The USB Ports

The laptop has the same ports as before: three USB-A ports, one USB-C port, an Ethernet jack, an SD card slot, an HDMI port, a headphone jack, and the usual Kensington lock which you may never use. In short, it has a lot of ports.


Every port you may ever need in a laptop is available, and you’ll never fall short. Compatibility issues, of course, won’t come up, because there are ports of almost every kind available here. No disappointment here!


Verdict – You get what you need when it comes to USB ports.

Dell Inspiron 7577


This was another thing I was quite disappointed by in the Dell laptop. The colours are quite a bit off, and even simple logos become weird-looking on this laptop. Granted, most budget gaming laptops cut down on the display to bring it to the “affordable” category, but Dell took it a bit too far.


The colours on the display are extremely disappointing, Even normal every-day use laptops have better colour than this one, and that’s quite sad. On the upside, it’s slightly better than the previous model, which had a glaring colour error of 9.0 as against this one’s 3.28.


Verdict – We really have seen better in other competitors.



This is another thing developers cut down on: the speakers. But fortunately for Dell, this laptop has better-than-decent speakers which can play sound of high volumes, and don’t compromise on the clarity. The bass, highs and lows are very good, considering the laptop’s cost, and the sound is enough to fill a large room.


Verdict – Overall, it’s above average here.

Inspiron 7577


This is one of the qualities that make the Dell Inspiron 7577 redeem itself. The performance is close enough to its costlier counterparts that there are no complaints at all. Everyday use, is, of course, excellent, and there was negligible difference between this and an HP Omen.


But when it came to the real test, power-consuming video encoding, it was a bit slower than the HP Omen. It’s not a huge difference, which is why it’s impressive. All in all, the performance is one of the major plus points which favour this laptop, and fortunately, Dell hasn’t cut down much here.


Verdict – Its performance does make it a big scorer.



The SSD in the Dell Inspiron 7577 is incredibly fast considering that it’s a budget gaming laptop. In fact, it may be even better than some of the more expensive gaming laptops! This showed a read speed of 2,171 megabytes-per-second, and a write speed of 1,186, easily better than its costlier counterparts.

Dell Inspiron

Sound and Speed

It’s the most important part of any gaming laptop, isn’t it? The speed and operation noise. I’m extremely pleased to state that this laptop is remarkably quite in operation even at high loads, considering its numerous cooling fans. In a way, compromising the graphics card has worked in its favour here, since that helps keep the operation quiet and smooth.


The speed is impressive, quite a bit similar to laptops that cost almost double. As a budget laptop, I’m pleased to state that somehow, this one exceeds expectations in terms of speed. The best upgrade in this model from the previous one is in the graphics card. A GTX 1060 is a great bit better than the previous 1050 Ti, and that is perhaps the best part of this laptop.


In Conclusion…


Overall, I would say that if you want a decent laptop without a big dent in your pocket, you’d love this one. Though lacking in the display and looks, it more than makes up in performance, speed and its other features.