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You are listening to your favorite song or watching your favorite movie when all of a sudden the sound is interrupted with a loud crackle. The annoyed behavior of yours is unexplainable. No matter how good your headphones are, the deep rooted problem is with your headphones jack plug or the cheap headphones themselves.

Sometimes it gets irritating when you have saved a few bucks just to buy relatively inexpensive headphones, and your pair of cheap headphones won’t function in the middle of your favorite upbeat song. That’s a moment of silence for you, as you thought those would have been right headphones for you. Best headphones are the ones which last a bit longer and even if there is some fault in them.Repairing the best headphones jack is a simple thing to be done. There are a few measures you need to take to ensure that a new jack is replaced with the old one.


Things you need:

A wire cutter, a soldering iron and a solder, a 3.5 mm or 1/4 inch jack plug, a small screwdriver and a craft knife.


To cut the jack plug of your headphones, you need to know if your headphones have two connecting cables or one. If it has two connecting wires, gently pull 4 cm of the wires apart and cut the 4 cm insulation likely from outside.

  • If the headphones have two wires, know that one will contain two unshielded copper ground wires. The other cable is most liable to have two insulated signal wires: One is white, and one is red.
  • For the people who have good headphones with only one wire, this headphones cable has one copper ground wire and two insulated signal wires.
  • Now begins the real action part is stripping your headphones wires. The wire cutter has to cut 5mm of insulation from both signal wires. Now twist the ground wires together for your convenience.
  • Now you have white signal, the red signal, and a ground wire. Now solder each wire and if you don’t know how to solder, get help from this. Regular soldering would do. Don’t do enough soldering such that it results in the formation of blobs. You are now done with ‘tinning’ the wires.
  • Now you have to unscrew the case from the replacement jack plug. Slide the outer side along the headphones wire such that the threaded end should be the closest to the solder joint. Now you need your solder again to solder the wired to the pins that are visible on the exposed jack area.
  • Know that the ground pin is the longest and belongs to the ground wire. You must solder it to that. Now the two signal wires are to be soldered to the two small pins. Crimp the end of the ground tag such that it grips the wire and so that it grips the wire and screw the outer case again to the jack plug.

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Now you need to test the sound and check if you have transformed your cheap headphones to the best headphones. If there is a problem, check if you have not soldered the two wires together or if any wire is less soldered and comes out. Repeat the soldering process again if you have any doubts!